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Abs & Legs

December 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m trying to get into a new habit. On Wednesdays (which would normally be one of my off days), I’m hitting my home gym for a quick 30 minute workout. It consists of lunges, leg curls, and abs. Lots of abs. I did it last week and I did it again this week. I worked up a decent sweat today too. Hopefully this will get me back on track with my ab workouts and will also help me get to that 10% body fat percentage I’m shooting for. So here’s what I did:

*4 sets of lunges
10 reps with 12 lbs. in each hand

*4 sets of leg curls

*4 sets of lunges with 8 lb. medicine ball

*4 sets of crunches

*4 sets of bicycle abs
(this particular exercise kills my abs!)


Update: Mission: Eliminate Body Fat

December 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Back in July I took my fitness test at Equinox and found out my body fat was 25.9%. I was very displeased and intensified all of my cardio workouts from that day forward. Well, it paid off ’cause I took a re-evaluation test today and my body fat is now 18%. Woo-hoo! Not only that, but my blood pressure is 107/60 and I now weight 238 lbs. (I’m not that trusting of the scale though, so I’ll say I’m still at 245 lbs.)

My trainer also did the flexibility test and told me I had improved over the last time. Overall, I was in damn good shape. Next week we meet again for my free personal training session. I’m very psyched to see what kind of workout plan he’ll give me. Mind you, this is the same trainer who gave me those training pointers. So overall, I’m psyched with the news. My goal is still to attain a 9% body fat percentage.

Legs & Abs

December 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Why do I keep ignoring my abs? It’s not that I hate ab workouts, I just keep neglecting them. That said, today I did a 30-minute abs and legs workout. (It was technically an off day for me, but I figured I’d do this quick routine instead of just watching TV.)

I did lunges and leg curls and then did planks, crunches, and medicine ball crunches (like the ones in the photo). It felt pretty good. Hopefully I can stick with my ab routine. I just need to find a way to incorporate it into my normal workout routine so I don’t neglect them.

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Back to cardio

December 21, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m back from my weekend getaway and for the most part, I managed to eat healthy. My only guilty pleasures were a bowl of New England clam chowder and a little vanilla ice cream I had for dessert. That said, I was eager to get back to the gym today after my weekend off. I started my week off with some cardio. I did a 35-minute interval hill run. Two minutes on 0 incline followed by two minutes on a gradually increasing incline (which started at 3 and went all the way to 6). I got my heart rate up to 178 bpm for the final 10 minutes of my workout. It was a great run, and I’m already looking forward to tomorrow’s shoulder workout.

Road trip

December 18, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m heading up to Newport, RI for the weekend, so I might not get to workout, which is ok ’cause I already did my 3 weight workouts and 2 cardio sessions for the week. In fact, I even started my workout routine for next week. That said, I the hotel I’m staying at has a pool, so I’m hoping to maybe get some laps in. We’ll see.

I did some strenuous weight workouts this week, so I hope to feast on some good seafood/protein while I’m up in Newport. Here’s to the weekend!

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Beat laziness

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment

I didn’t want to work out tonight. I had dinner with my girlfriend, my apartment was cold (which meant the gym in my building might be cold), and it was getting kind of late. I was actually pretty sure today would be my off day, but rather than debate the pros/cons of skipping, I changed into my workout clothes and hopped on the treadmill for a nice 35-minute hill/interval run. And now that I’m done, I’m glad I chose to workout. All that I did to combat the laziness was ask myself — what will make me feel better? 30 minutes of TV or a quick 30-minute run. Obviously the latter won.

I’m not saying you should always workout (your body does need rest), but sometimes when you’re feeling lazy the best remedy is to just change into your workout clothes and do it. Whether it’s an hour or 30 minutes, chances are you’ll feel a lot better after your workout.

New Balance & Westin to provide communal workout clothes

December 14, 2010 Leave a comment

One of my biggest pet peeves when traveling is not being able to workout. So whenever I travel there are two amenities I look for in my hotel — free Wi-Fi and a gym. Most of the time I find a gym, but it’s usually small and packed with old (and broken) treadmills. Still, I manage to squeeze a workout in, but I tend to stray away from cardio because the last thing I want to lug back home are sweaty gym clothes. Well, all that is about to change.

New Balance and Westin are debuting a new service wherein Westin hotel guests will be able to borrow workout clothes (provided by New Balance) than they can use and then leave behind for housecleaning. There’s no mention of how much this service will cost, but they plan to roll it out worldwide. Westin will carry women’s sizes from small to extra large in apparel and 6 to 10.5 in shoes. Men’s sizes will range from medium to extra, extra large in apparel and from 8.5 to 13 in shoes.

The idea is brilliant, but I can’t help but feel a little skeeved out by this. I sweat a lot when I workout, and the thought of wearing a gym outfit that someone else has sweated in grosses me out (although Westin says the workout clothes will undergo the same strict laundry regimen that its bed sheets undergo.)

via WSJ

On a side note, the best hotel gym I’ve ever worked out in is at the MGM Signature in Las Vegas. They have a full-fledged gym with plenty of dumbbells, modern cardio equipment, barbells, and more.