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Mission: Eliminate Body Fat

Body fat, body fat, body fat, body fat, body fat, body fat! You are my new number one enemy.

So I took my fitness test today. Good news and bad news. Goods news. My weight is down to 251. I was hovering between 252 and 255 and finally I nailed it and got down to 251 (this is my weight at the end of the day and with sneakers mind you). My blood pressure is great. 123/70. My resting heart rate is 49 bpm. Amazing! Now on to the bad part.

My body fat has jumped 3 points in 2 years to 25.9%. (My norm should be 12% to 16%.) What gets me most is that my body fat back in college was 9%. What the hell?!?! My trainer told me it was mostly around my stomach. She said the other parts of my body measured well. (She did the machine / pinch test.) So as a result, I’m waging a war with my abs. I will work them till I get my body fat as close to 10% as possible. And then some! I was really shocked upon learning how high my BF was. Not to mention, disappointed. My core is essentially off, which is also causing my balance to be off. She said my flexibility was good. Although again, if I improve my core, it could be better.

Next Thursday I have my follow up test where she’ll measure my heart rate as I walk on the treadmill. In the meantime, the ab wars have started!!

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