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Hotel Gyms

March 30, 2010 Leave a comment

I hate missing a workout. As a result, every time I travel I always check to make sure the hotel I’m staying at has a gym. My personal “best hotel gym award” goes to The Signature at MGM in Las Vegas. Not only is their gym immaculately clean, but it has free weights, a good selection of cardio machines, a pull-up bar, barbell, the works. The last two years I’ve gone to CES I’ve stayed there and always worked out. Other times, I’ve just done push-ups, crunches, and squats while inside my hotel room.

This weekend, however, I was at Blackberry Farm in TN. Aside from a yoga area, I didn’t see a full-on gym, so I skipped one workout last week. Not so bad, but I do hate when that happens. Today I jumped back on the treadmill and I felt pretty refreshed. And it also made me realize — it’s ok to skip a workout once in a blue moon. It’s good for your body, it helps it recuperate.

And speaking of recuperating, while I was at Blackberry Farm I signed up for a Swedish massage. I’m not a massage person, but I must say it felt great! The masseuse told me I need to stretch after my workouts. This will prevent any tightness and help my muscles grow even bigger. The more you stretch, the fuller they fill in. So I’m gonna try to incorporate some stretches into my workouts this week. We’ll see how it goes.

As for Blackberry Farm, it was great if you ever get the opportunity to go!

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