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Summer Run #15

October 3, 2011 Leave a comment


Core Exercises

July 5, 2010 Leave a comment

My core workout program officially started today, July 4th. I went to the gym this afternoon and after my back/triceps workout, I hit the floor and started doing some good old fashion crunches. They felt difficult, which is a sign I need to hit my core more. My hope is to do crunches at least 2x per week until I can get my body fat back down. We shall see.

In other news, I took my resting heart rate this morning and it was 57. (I took it 2x and hit the same number.) Made me wonder if that 49 number I got at the gym was accurate. Hmm. I will try to take my resting heart rate again tomorrow morning.

Spinning Class

March 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Here’s a small secret. I’d love to teach a spinning class one day. Not for nothing, but my class would be amazing. I’d play awesome workout music, I’d spin alongside my class, and I’d make every effort to really get myself and everyone in the room into it. I mean seriously into it. I’d encourage people to grunt, yell, grind their teeth. For those 45 minutes, I’d make them forget who they are. I’d push everyone as close to the edge as I can. And just when they’re about to give in to exhaustion, I’d blast the music louder, speed up the tempo, and start sprinting right beside them. I’d create a frenzy of energy and have everyone in the room feed off of it. I’d flick the lights on and off rapidly. I’d yell at people to spin faster. Anything. My goal would be to work people up into a stupor so they exceed their physical threshold for pain.

For me personally, cardio is 80% mental. There are times I run and I’m so “in the zone” that I don’t feel tired. Anything can get me in the zone. Maybe a song. Maybe I had a good day. Maybe I had a bad day. The point is, every cardio workout should take your body to its breaking point. Make your heart work super hard. Otherwise, you’re just doing a routine.

Today I ran for 30 minutes and got my heat rate up to 179. Not my personal best, but it sure felt great. I’d love to one day help someone else reach that level of energy where the mind takes over the physical and you feel invincible. It’s the biggest rush ever.

Pull-Up Goals

March 3, 2010 1 comment

Back in high school I could not do a single push-up.  Now I can do between 40-50 standard push-ups consecutively.  Back in October I could not do a single pull-up.  Today I can do…..5.  While that’s not quite as high as I’d like, I am glad that I can do at least 5 consecutive pull-ups.

In fact, my goal for this year is to work my way up  to 12 consecutive pull-ups.  Each pull-up I do I start from a hanging position.  In other words, I don’t jump up and use momentum to do my pull-ups.  I do them from a dead hang.  It’s harder, but this way develops your back muscles more and gives you a nice, long stretch.

On a good day I can actually do 6.  On a bad day I’ll do 4.  5 seems to be my average.  I’m hoping by June I can do 8.  We’ll see.

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