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Doctor’s Visit Checklist

December 8, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

A lot of times I like talking about working out and healthy eating on my blog, but one thing that’s just as important (and which I’ve neglected to write about) is visiting the doctor for a routine physical. I got my yearly physical back in September, and I find the tips mentioned in this segment very common sense, but yet very valuable (a lot of times people forget about the common sense questions and let the doctor kinda just do as he/she pleases). The show is called Everyday Living and some of the recommendations they give are to have your doctor check your blood pressure, skin, breast check, lungs, etc. Like I said, common sense, but these were things my last doctor would not check because I did not ask her to. (Hence, I went to a new doctor this year.) Quick and easy informative video in my opinion.

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