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Update: Mission: Eliminate Body Fat

December 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Back in July I took my fitness test at Equinox and found out my body fat was 25.9%. I was very displeased and intensified all of my cardio workouts from that day forward. Well, it paid off ’cause I took a re-evaluation test today and my body fat is now 18%. Woo-hoo! Not only that, but my blood pressure is 107/60 and I now weight 238 lbs. (I’m not that trusting of the scale though, so I’ll say I’m still at 245 lbs.)

My trainer also did the flexibility test and told me I had improved over the last time. Overall, I was in damn good shape. Next week we meet again for my free personal training session. I’m very psyched to see what kind of workout plan he’ll give me. Mind you, this is the same trainer who gave me those training pointers. So overall, I’m psyched with the news. My goal is still to attain a 9% body fat percentage.


West Side Highway Run #3

July 25, 2010 Leave a comment

It was 94 humid degrees in New York City today, so naturally I went for a run outdoors. The weather was oppressive and the sun was stronger today than on any other outdoor run I’ve done this month, but I endured and finished my run. I did 4.82 miles in 54 minutes and burned 912 calories. A little slower than my last run, but considering the heat I think I was solid.

I was pretty much beat when I finished and my post-workout meal (besides lots of water) was a cup of blueberries to get all those nasty toxins outta my system. I have to say, I feel great. Ooh, I also weighed myself before running. I came in at 249 lbs. This was after lunch and with sneakers on. Sweet! I normally don’t care about weight (body fat is a more important number), but it’s nice to see my weight dip down a bit. I think I’d like to maintain my weight between 245 and 250. But that’s for the future. Like I said, I don’t make it a habit of weighing myself.

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Weight Watchers

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Use sparingly

One of the biggest mistakes I made when losing weight was weighing myself 3x a week.  It accomplished absolutely nothing and only made me neurotic about my weight.  The slightest increase and suddenly I would make myself fast for a day.  Scales are good, but they should be used sparingly.  Like twice a month kind of sparingly.  Why?  Well, in my opinion there’s no point in weighing yourself multiple times a week.  So what if your weight fluctuates by a few pounds.  As long as your goals are in order, you have nothing to worry about.

Nowadays I weigh myself maybe once a month.  I’m 6’2″ 252 lbs.  If I overeat, my clothes immediately tell me I’ve gained a few pounds.  If I lose weight, again my clothes will inform me.  I think that’s a better barometer of your weight than a scale.  Pay too much attention to a scale, and you’ll be playing a numbers game instead of focusing on a good weight for you.

Likewise, I think the idea of BMI is stupid.  Everyone is different and everyone’s body is different.  Why follow one standard?  It’s ridiculous.  Again, rather than obsess over pounds, I prefer to focus on body fat. That’s a better indication of your overall fattage.  By lowering your body fat, you’re naturally losing the weight you should lose.  Not the weight you *think* you should lose.

That said, the last time I measured my body fat I came in at 20%.  I was a little shocked it was so high.  I’d like to get it down to 15%.  And then lower it further to maybe 10%.  (I was 8% at the height of my vegan diet.)  To me, those numbers are more important than say, “I need to lose 10 lbs.”

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