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Summer Run #16

October 3, 2011 Leave a comment

I tried to increase my mileage the last two weekends and I’m pretty happy with my results. It’s now October 3 and by October 22 (or shortly after) I’d like to hit a half-marathon mileage of 13 or 14 miles. This Saturday’s run was great, though at the very end my right foot started to bother me (it almost felt like something was in my shoe) so I ran in discomfort the last 2 minutes or so. I normally wouldn’t advise running through shoe discomfort, but it was toward the very end and I had been doing so well. I’m getting new running shoes this week so hopefully I won’t encounter that problem again.

So this coming weekend I will shoot for 12 miles. Perhaps run from WTC to Central Park and back. Then the following weekend I’ll do a short speed run, and my final “summer” run will be the big post-birthday half marathon run. Gonna be an exciting month!!


Summer Run #15

October 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Summer Run #13 & 14

September 19, 2011 Leave a comment

This past Saturday I tried pushing myself a little harder during my outdoor run. In particular, I tried to keep a faster-than-normal pace even after my mini sprint. It worked! Saturday’s run has been my fastest run to date. I’ve been faster in previous years (particularly during the year I ran the NYC Marathon), but for this summer this is my fastest time. I need to start building endurance now if I want to hit my goal of 12 miles come October. Totally do-able, but I need to rack up my mileage.

What’s funny is that the weather was somewhat cool on Saturday (56 F w/ no sun) and I hate running in the cold weather. But after the first 5 minutes I was fine.


September 8, 2011 2 comments

I’ve hit another plateau. I cannot get over 6 pull ups. (My goal is 12 consecutive wide-grip pull ups.) I practice them 5 days a week (usually as my warm up to my normal routine) and there are days when I hit 6 and there are days when I hit 4. (Truth be told, I hit 4 more often than I do 6.) But I simply cannot pass 6. Rather than do consecutive reps, I’m going to try do sets of 2. So a set of 2, rest, another set of 2, rest, and so forth until I can’t do anymore. Hopefully that will break my stump.

On a different note, all my push ups have paid off. I can now comfortably bench press with 85-lb. dumbbells. I think I can bench with the 90-lb. dumbbells and hope to do that on my next chest workout.

Summer Run #12

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment

After skipping my run last weekend (thanks, hurricane Irene), I was back on the pavement this Saturday for my 12th outdoor run. (Officially topping my 2010 count.) I was a little pressed for time so I went at a pace slightly faster than usual and it ended up being my fastest run of the summer. It was such a great run that I’ve updated my summer goal. By my 33rd birthday in mid-October I’d like to run a half-marathon. (The weekend after my bday.) This coming weekend I will hit Central Park again for some hill training and I’ve also been trying to make sure each week I incorporate a leg workout (which mainly consists of barbell squats, calf stretches, leg extensions, and leg curls).

Summer Run #11

August 22, 2011 Leave a comment

I think I’ve hit a plateau with my running. This session is almost exactly like my #9 run. So rather than do one long sprint in there, I will try to do multiple short sprints. Or run at a fast, but steady pace I can keep. Let’s see how that improves my time.

Summer Run #10

August 22, 2011 Leave a comment

I went for a long run last Saturday (Aug 13). It felt great; I felt strong throughout the run and had it not been for the winds toward the end, I probably would’ve gone an extra mile or so. I started the summer off at a 248-lb. weight or so and I’m now at about 239 lbs. I’m not looking to lose weight to be honest (it’s all a number game), but instead I’m looking to maintain/improve my cardio and lower my body fat. At any rate, these runs have definitely helped me out. Summer is slowly winding down so I’d like to have at least 2 more long sessions.