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Health Bar Pick: Gnu

March 5, 2010 1 comment

I love eating healthy, but sometimes when I’m in a rush, I don’t always get the chance to have a proper meal.  Or sometimes I’m just in the mood for a snack.  That’s where health bars come into play.  I’ve tried several.  Balance, Luna, Gnu, Met-Rx, EAS, Clif, and so forth.  They each serve a different purpose (the Met-Rx bars, for instance, are post-workout protein bars), but my favorite of the bunch are the Gnu bars.  They’re tasty and they fill me up when I’m craving a snack.

Not all of the flavor combos work, but my personal favorite are the Cinnamon and Espresso.  They usually cost just shy of $2 at my local Whole Foods, but are now 25% off via the Gnu Foods website. Like I said, these aren’t “post-workout bars,” but more along the lines of fiber-rich health bars.

I moonlight as a tech reviewer, so in the near future I will taste test as many health bars and give my recommendation. But for now these are my favorite. And like I said, 25% off till March 16.

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