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Summer Run #13 & 14

September 19, 2011 Leave a comment

This past Saturday I tried pushing myself a little harder during my outdoor run. In particular, I tried to keep a faster-than-normal pace even after my mini sprint. It worked! Saturday’s run has been my fastest run to date. I’ve been faster in previous years (particularly during the year I ran the NYC Marathon), but for this summer this is my fastest time. I need to start building endurance now if I want to hit my goal of 12 miles come October. Totally do-able, but I need to rack up my mileage.

What’s funny is that the weather was somewhat cool on Saturday (56 F w/ no sun) and I hate running in the cold weather. But after the first 5 minutes I was fine.



September 8, 2011 2 comments

I’ve hit another plateau. I cannot get over 6 pull ups. (My goal is 12 consecutive wide-grip pull ups.) I practice them 5 days a week (usually as my warm up to my normal routine) and there are days when I hit 6 and there are days when I hit 4. (Truth be told, I hit 4 more often than I do 6.) But I simply cannot pass 6. Rather than do consecutive reps, I’m going to try do sets of 2. So a set of 2, rest, another set of 2, rest, and so forth until I can’t do anymore. Hopefully that will break my stump.

On a different note, all my push ups have paid off. I can now comfortably bench press with 85-lb. dumbbells. I think I can bench with the 90-lb. dumbbells and hope to do that on my next chest workout.

Summer Run #12

September 6, 2011 Leave a comment

After skipping my run last weekend (thanks, hurricane Irene), I was back on the pavement this Saturday for my 12th outdoor run. (Officially topping my 2010 count.) I was a little pressed for time so I went at a pace slightly faster than usual and it ended up being my fastest run of the summer. It was such a great run that I’ve updated my summer goal. By my 33rd birthday in mid-October I’d like to run a half-marathon. (The weekend after my bday.) This coming weekend I will hit Central Park again for some hill training and I’ve also been trying to make sure each week I incorporate a leg workout (which mainly consists of barbell squats, calf stretches, leg extensions, and leg curls).