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Summer Run #7

I did my old school run this past weekend. One lap around Central Park’s outer loop and one lap around the Central Park Reservoir. Back in my marathon training days, I would run 2 laps around Central Park (12 miles). It was painful (most of the time), but I recall doing it on multiple occasions. Three loops around the Park was the most I ever did (18 miles), and that nearly destroyed me. But after a good 6 year absence (I’ve been running a trail closer to my new gym these past few summers), I threw myself into the runner’s lane and finished my most challenging run of the summer — Central Park. The hills will tear through all of your leg muscles, but I gotta say, they weren’t as bad as I remembered. Which means my hill training has paid off to some extent.

Along those lines, the NYT has a story today on the difference between running on soft surfaces (dirt road) versus running on a hard surface (pavement). Turns out, soft runs aren’t better on your feet. In fact, when people run on soft trails their bodies are stiffer (hence more prone to injuries) than when they run on hard roads. Interesting read for all outdoor runners.

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