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Mind over body

Mind over body. That’s always been my motto when working out. A study published in The Journal of Athletic Training kinda supports that theory. Researchers took volunteer runners and had them run in a laboratory heated to 87 degrees. In one run, the group placed an ice patch around their neck to keep their skin cool. In the next run, they ran sans ice patch. The run with the ice patch achieved higher body temps than the run without the ice patch. Essentially, the ice patch fooled the body/brain into thinking it was cool (even when the body’s core temp was higher than ever).

I personally find that study interesting because it supports my mind over body motto. The question is, what benefits does your body get by pushing it to run in extreme heat? Does endurance really sky rocket? I’d like to believe yes. (Which is why I like to run in hot/humid weather). The catch is you have to know how to run smart. Triple up on water. Wear light-colored clothing. Avoid trails with no shade. And just listen to your body. Yes, you might be able to push it through 90-degree weather, but know how far you can/should push it.


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