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Summer Run #2

Today’s run was a lot better than my Tuesday run. I did 5 miles and shaved 5 minutes off my time. It was windy, which added a bit of resistance, but I felt a lot faster today. I didn’t do any sprints, but I maintained under a 10-minute mile and my heart rate was around 164 – 170 bpm. Next week I would like to hit the same time or run a little longer. I think I also need a little rest — my body feels terribly sore. (Had an intense chest workout on Friday.)

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  1. aknil
    June 8, 2011 at 7:22 am

    nice job, keep it up, the cardio helps your sore muscles recover alot faster.
    there one thing though, i dont understand how you can burn almost 1000 calories running 5 miles.
    my point is, dont adjust your diet on this number only, you might gain some extra pounds.

    • LR
      June 10, 2011 at 5:05 am

      Thanks! Yeah, the app I’m using (Cardio Trainer) calculates calories burned based on my weight (245 lbs.) and some funky math. I saw a news report (awhile back) on the accuracy of these readings and the segment went on to say most readings are off by plus/minus 200 calories!! So you gotta take it with a grain of salt. I personally like to gauge my runs on distance/time and my max and avg heart rate achieved.

      On a diff note — thanks for the tip on the pull ups (using straps). I tried it and it did alleviate that burn/sting on my joints. It’s tricky though — on the second set I didn’t feel much support. I have to play around w/ the way I wrap the strap around the metal pull up bar.

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