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Foods with health benefits

The NYT published an interesting story yesterday about foods that claim to be healthy. A perfect example is Cheerios. TV commercials claim that eating Cheerios can lower your cholesterol because it has fiber. While Cheerios may have fiber, the amount of Cheerios you’d have to eat to see a positive effect is insane. The article continues by saying that all these foods and drinks that are marketed to us as being nutritional, really aren’t.

Ultimately, I believe your best bet is to buy food that is fresh and as natural as possible. In other words, get fresh tomatoes instead of a can of tomatoes. Get fresh apples, instead of artificially sweetened apple juice. I understand sometimes you just have to buy canned food, but in those cases, always read the labels. Knowing what you eat, knowing how you fuel your body, is just as important as the exercise you do every day.


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