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More push ups

Last week (with an injured hand) I was able to do 50 consecutive push ups. This week (with a recovered hand) I could only squeeze out 45. Needless to say, I won’t be content until I do 50 consecutive push ups for two chest workouts straight. On the flip side, I did 3 very strong wide grip pull ups at Equinox yesterday and today. It felt really good doing those pulls ups — my arms felt strong like grappling hooks and with each lift my chin went way over the bar. I might’ve been able to squeeze a fourth, but I decided to “hold” my weight up after the 3rd pull up and slowly bring myself down.

So this week I’m taking aim at the magic number 50 again and I want to see if I can do 6 wide-grip pull ups at my gym at home. 6 would be the halfway mark to my goal of doing 12 consecutive wide-grip pull ups!

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