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Counts & Reps

This post is going to be all about numbers. I ran on the treadmill today for 35 minutes. I did interval inclines with the incline varying from a height of “1” for two minutes to “5.5” for two minutes. (The speed was a constant 6.) I hit 182 bpm.

Push ups
Yesterday, I did 45 consecutive push ups during my chest workout. I’m debating if I want to train for 50 consecutive. I guess at this rate, I might as well, but I’ll admit those 45 were difficult. (Particularly the reps that followed number 42.) Maybe after I hit 50 consecutive I’ll go back to my medicine ball push ups.

Wide-grip pull ups
I can now do 4 solid wide-grip pull ups. I’ve noticed that at the pull up station at Equinox, I can only do 3. Here at the gym in my building I can do 4. The handles at Equinox (although padded and easier to grip) are wider. So I’m practicing on both stations.

Five hours. That’s the amount of sleep I’m averaging per night nowadays. It’s not that I’m out doing anything, I’m just online or playing Angry Birds on my iPod. This coming week (and this weekend) I hope to start getting more sleep. It’s necessary when working out a lot.

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