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Pull ups

Quick update on my pull up routine. I can now do 4 wide-grip pull ups. Woo-hoo! Considering I couldn’t even hold my weight up a year ago, that’s huge news. So here’s a quick run down of what I’m doing. Back in January during my free personal training session, my trainer told me that to do pull ups, I need to practice them every day. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. (I’ve been doing them 5 or 6 days a week. Basically, every time I’m at the gym.)

I started off with 1 rep. I practiced just hoisting myself up and holding my chin up above the bar. First for 5 seconds (and then I’d slowly lower my body down). Then 10 seconds. Gradually I built it up to 15 seconds. And then suddenly I was able to do 2 consecutive pull ups. So I’d do 2 pull ups and on the second one I’d hold my weight up for as long as I could. Repeat cycle.

Currently, I’m doing 4 pull ups before starting my workout. My 4th pull up is usually a struggle, but once I reach the top, I hold my weight up for as long as I can. Right now that’s about 5 seconds. After that, I start my workout routine (be it shoulders, chest, etc.) After a few exercises, I return to the pull up bar to do another 3 reps. And this time on the third rep I’ll hold my weight up. In all, I do 3 sets spread throughout my workout. Ultimate goal — 12 consecutive wide-grip pull ups.

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