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New workout routine

I finally switched up my workout routine at the gym. I’ve moved on from doing super slow drop sets to doing super slow sets that increase in weight. Here’s an example from my workout today:

Incline Dumbbell Chest Fly
10 reps at 100 lbs
10 reps at 100 lbs
8 reps at 120 lbs
8 reps at 120 lbs

I could have gone heavier, but I want to maintain 100% control of the weights while doing these exercises. My next routine (while I’ll probably start in May), will focus on heavy weights. And then I’ll just repeat the entire process. I must say, I feel great. This weekend I got a great back and chest workout and I just feel very healthy and strong overall. It’s a great feeling. Saturday I even hit the abs! Hoping to find an ab routine I can stick to. As far as pull ups, I’ve been doing t hem pretty much every day (every day I workout, which is 5x/week) since my trainer session.

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