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Postrun Nutrition

I read this interesting article on Runner’s World today about what you should eat after you run. Back in the day, my trainer would tell me to eat light — something along the lines of a fruit salad. Nothing heavier than that. Perhaps at the time that advice was appropriate for me, but now that I have a marathon and lots of mileage behind me, it’s time I switch that up. A few of the meals the editors at Runner’s World recommend:

After a 45-minute run
Freeze a fruit and yogurt smoothie and take it out to defrost before your run. The trick is to get both carbs and protein.

After a short run
High-fiber foods such as nuts or a plain bagel.

If you run just before going to bed
Try graham crackers with peanut butter and a bowl of berries. You don’t want to overdo it since you’ll be in bed shortly.

Runner’s World

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