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I increased my push up count by 5 this week. I can now do 40 consecutive push ups. I’m also at 3 consecutive wide grip pull ups. Not bad, huh! Slowly, but definitely getting there. I have noticed one odd thing though. When doing that last pull up, I feel that I use my right arm/side more so than my left side — to the point where I can see the right side of my body rise faster than my left. Not sure how to rectify this other than to make sure I pull equally with both sides.

In other news, it’s almost time to ditch the super slow workouts. I know I said I would drop them awhile back, but to be honest it’s been hard letting go. I really enjoy them. The question is what routine will I do next. Heavy with low reps? Or moderately heavy with slow reps? I’m leaning toward the latter.

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