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Return of the push ups

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I did my push ups x100 routine again today. The difference is that this time I started off by doing as many continuous push ups as I possibly could. I was a little disappointed that I maxed out at 35. (I could’ve squeezed an extra 5, but didn’t.) Back in 2001 I could do 50 straight push ups. And that is my new goal — I’m gonna bring push ups back into my workout and will practice them (with my chest workout) until I hit 50 straight. And depending on how long that takes, I might shoot for 60 straight after that. And then some.

On the flip side, on my second set of push ups today I did 25 reps, which was more than I expected, but still, I wanted to hit 50 in one shot. To be continued!

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