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Vipr Push ups

January 25, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I started a new push-up routine. Using the Vipr bar at my gym, this is what I do:

I place the bar to my right (horizontally) and then assume push up position. I do two push ups, and upon finishing the second push up, I maintain a plank position and using my right arm/hand, I grasp the Vipr bar and throw it to my left. (It should be clear of my torso so that I can do a push up without my body hitting the bar.) I do two more push ups. Then using my left hand/arm, I throw the Vipr bar to the right. (Again, it should be clear of my torso.) That is one rep. Repeat.

This works out your chest, shoulders, and abs. It’s intense and very difficult, but in a twisted way it’s also kind of fun. It easily works up a sweat and increases your heart rate. I highly recommend it. I’m using the 12-lb. bar and doing 5 reps (10 push ups).

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