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Steep Incline Runs

January 20, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I decided to give my body a bit of a surprise today. Rather than do my quick abs/legs routine, I hit the treadmill for an intense run. I did interval hill runs with the hills at 5.0 incline. What I did different was this — I instantly hit the 5.0 incline (after a 4-minute warm up) and kept it that way for 30 minutes. So it was two minutes of no incline followed by two minutes of 5.0. It was actually easier than I thought. My heart rate maxed at 174.

When I was done I went for pulls ups. I did two sets: the first set I held my weight above the bar for 10 seconds and lowered myself very slowly. The second set I held my self just below the bar for 8 seconds and lowered myself slowly. I was actually shocked at how quickly I managed to get above the bar. This negative pull-up routine must be working. I’m beyond psyched! Tomorrow is my day off and Friday I’m back at the gym doing chest.

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