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More Pull-Ups

January 17, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Well, my pull-ups routine continues. I did 4 back exercises today and as a 5th exercise, I did 4 sets of negative pull ups. I used the closer grip (I believe it’s called the neutral grip — like the grip in the picture) since I was at the gym and I must say, I find these a lot easier. I feel like I use my biceps a lot more with this grip, which helps me pull up all my weight. (When I’m at the gym in my house, I do the wide grip pull-ups.) I held each rep for 10 seconds, although toward the end I maxed out at 8 seconds. At any rate, it felt great and I walked out of the gym feeling invincible.

One more week and I have to switch up my exercise routine. The problem is, I don’t know what to do next. I think maybe I’ll focus on heavy weights and low reps. We’ll see how things play out.

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