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Interval incline runs

November 10, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I always mix up my cardio workouts and lately I’ve been doing interval runs. But instead of sprinting, I max out the incline on the treadmill. I run at 6 incline for 2 minutes (at 6 speed) and then drop it to 0 incline (still at 6 speed) for another 2 minutes. Repeat.

I’ve been following that formula for awhile now, oftentimes playing with the incline. Sometimes I’d set it to 6, sometimes 5. My point is, it’d always be above 3 incline. Well, it must be paying off because today I noticed it took me a relatively long time to reach a 168 bpm heart rate. Which is a good thing!! I plan on tweaking my cardio workouts even more. Next up I wanna try sprinting (say 7.0 speed) at a 4 incline. The point is — always switch up your cardio just like you would your weight training.

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