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Every year I make it a point to get a complete physical. It’s something very simple you can do to know where you stand in regards to your health. So today I went to a new doctor in downtown New York. I absolutely loved it. She was very thorough, she explained things to me, she took her time with me (despite being badly delayed with her appts), and most importantly — she listened. She head my entire story. So I had an EKG done (checked our perfect), got my blood pressure (also perfect), PFT lung test (perfect), and I got bloodwork done. I’m waiting on the results for that. Might not know for a week.

So the things to look for will be my cholesterol level (it was a tad high at 207), my good cholesterol level (it was low), and my sugar (it was a tad high last time). Since my last test, I’ve drastically cut the amount of cheese I eat, started juicing, started snacking on blueberries and nuts, and increased my cardio. So I’m very anxious to see my results. One thing my doctor mentioned, she said that she supports the idea of juicing, but would like to see my eat more veggies and fruits as well. So maybe have 4 servings via juice and another 4 servings eaten solid. I am up to the challenge!!

On a related note, I weighed in at 243 lbs. Sweet!! So overall, I aced the preliminary test. Here’s hoping I do well on the blood test.

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