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Post Super Slow Workout #2

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

So Friday night I did a super slow chest workout. It was insanely difficult. The bench press was particularly hard. Bringing the barbell down slowly was harder than I thought. (I had one 45-lb. plate on each side, which is very light for me.) I was very sore when I finished, but Saturday morning, I wasn’t feeling it much. Saturday after my run, my chest started feeling very sore, but as I write this on Sunday night, my chest is just a little sore. Normally, after a Friday chest workout, I’d be sore up until Monday night. Sometimes even Tuesday. So I honestly don’t know how to gauge this. Soreness isn’t all that matters, but for me it’s been a gauge of how intense my workout has been.

So today, Sunday, I did a super slow back workout. I wasn’t sure how effective this workout would be, but I can tell you this, when I was done my chest felt a mile wide. It felt so swollen and sore (in a good way). My slow triceps workout was equally painful. So again, I’m curious how sore I’ll be tomorrow. Either way, the workouts are intense and I think I will stick with them for the remainder of the year. The soreness you feel the second day is a little different than your typical soreness.

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