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Super Slow Workout

September 15, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

So I started a new routine today — the super slow workout. I read about it the other day at work and it immediately intrigued me. The way it works is that you take 10 seconds to perform every exercise. So let’s say you’re doing a bicep curl. You take 5 seconds going up, and another 5 seconds going down. That way you stress the bicep muscle on the way up and again on the way down. Traditionally, you’d swing the dumbbell up and back down again, relying more on momentum than you do on your bicep muscle. I tried it with my shoulders/biceps workout today and I gotta sat, it was crazy intense.

I obviously lowered the weights since this was my first time doing a super slow routine. I started with dumbbell front raises. Normally I can do 8 reps with 30 lbs., but today I was doing 8 reps with 15 lbs. and I felt each and every rep. When it came time to working out my biceps, I set the bicep curl machine to 60 lbs and by the 7th rep I was ready to scream in agony. Yes, it was that intense. I loved it. I’m curious to see how sore I’ll be tomorrow. If it works, I think I might switch my routine to the super slow workout for the entire fall season!

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