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West Side Highway Run #5

I had a jam-packed day today. In the morning I went to NYC for a haircut, then went to an open house in Jersey City, visited my parents, went for my run, walked from WTC to 14th street and back, and finally came home. Phew.

I was worried that my legs would be too sore from my leg workout earlier this week, but I was still able to hit the pavement for my outdoor run. I had to be at the Apple Store by 6.45pm, so I cut my run short (by a few minutes) and did 4 sprints. Not full-on crazy sprints, but very brisk runs. Man, it tired me out and sent my heart rate instantly soaring to 179. In all, I ran 4.7 miles and burned 932 calories. Then I showered at my gym and walked from WTC to the meatpacking district (the Apple Store) and back. (4.3 miles, 644 calories.)

Needless to say, my legs are pretty damn sore. But it feels good. I topped off my workout with 2 salmon burgers and an avocado for dinner. I’m about to snack on some blueberries and an Asian pear to get all those toxins out of my blood stream. I gotta say, although I’m dead tired, I do feel great!

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