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Hand over hand rope pull

Every now and then I’ll head into the gym on a Sunday for a workout. It’s a nice, slow day and I can devote extra time to my workout. So I went in today for my back workout and saw someone doing an exercise that totally intrigued me. He had taken a huge thick rope, tied a 40-lb. kettle bell to one end, and then wrapped the rope around one of the iso lateral pull-down machines. His “exercise” was to pull the rope (with kettle bell attached) around the machine till the kettle bell hit the machine. Brilliant!

These are the kind of workouts I want to do. They workout your body in ways that a dumbbell or barbell can’t. I researched the exercise online and found that it’s called the hand over hand rope pull. It builds your back, biceps, and your grip. I sooo want to try this, but I’m afraid I won’t get the right form down and end up throwing my back. Looks like there’s a special stance you need to hold as you’re pulling. Nevertheless, it was an impressive workout.

As for my own workout, it was great. I went heavy on the back exercises, did some dips, and then hit the abs.

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