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Dead lifts and lunges

I had a pretty intense workout tonight. In addition to my normal shoulders and biceps routine, I did 16 sets of lunges (while holding two 12.5-lb. dumbbells) and 3 sets of dead lifts. My legs are beat right now. I’m particularly psyched about the dead lifts. It’s not often I do them so I added them to my routine. The trick with dead lifts is to make sure you squeeze your hamstrings and use them to pull your body back up once the weights reach your shins. That way you get the maximum squeeze/benefit from them.

I also started a new routine with my pull ups. Truth be told, my pull ups had hit a bit of a plateau, so rather than seeing how many I can do consecutively (which is what I’ve been doing since December), I did 4 sets of 2 pull ups. I like it, I feel like I have a cleaner form when I do it this way. Hopefully this will give my pull up workouts the kick in the rear they needed.

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