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West Side Highway Run #3

It was 94 humid degrees in New York City today, so naturally I went for a run outdoors. The weather was oppressive and the sun was stronger today than on any other outdoor run I’ve done this month, but I endured and finished my run. I did 4.82 miles in 54 minutes and burned 912 calories. A little slower than my last run, but considering the heat I think I was solid.

I was pretty much beat when I finished and my post-workout meal (besides lots of water) was a cup of blueberries to get all those nasty toxins outta my system. I have to say, I feel great. Ooh, I also weighed myself before running. I came in at 249 lbs. This was after lunch and with sneakers on. Sweet! I normally don’t care about weight (body fat is a more important number), but it’s nice to see my weight dip down a bit. I think I’d like to maintain my weight between 245 and 250. But that’s for the future. Like I said, I don’t make it a habit of weighing myself.

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