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Interval Sprints

I tried out a new running routine today. Rather than do my “random run” or my “gradual incline run,” I did uphill sprints. I would sprint at 6.8 speed and 3.5 incline (hitting a 170 heart rate) and then rest for two minutes and try to get my heart rate back to 149. It was hard! I achieved it once, but couldn’t get my heart rate back down to 150 again. On top of that, while doing an uphill run, I damaged my hamstring. Just a little sprain. I could actually feel it when I started, but I went ahead and finished my sprint anyways. It had been awhile since I ran through pain and in a weird way, it was nice knowing I could still do it. But yeah, I probably won’t run again till the end of the week. Gotta let this heal. In the meantime, I’m really interested in finding out how I can do more of this interval sprint training. It was fun! Oh, I also did some planks tonight. Very light. Two 1-minute sets. Let’s see if they make my abs sore tomorrow. I doubt it, but am curious.

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