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Planks, sideways lunges, and more

I had my free personal training session this evening. It was great. I’ve worked out with various personal trainers in the past, and each time I absolutely loved it. It’s not so much the motivation (I know I have enough of that), it’s the new moves and exercises I always get out these sessions. However, my personal training is usually short-lived since prices are ridiculously high.

Anyways, I had my session today and my trainer had me doing a ton of new core exercises. The ones that I found the most challenging were the planks and side lunges. I absolutely loved them though! My inner thighs/legs are already starting to feel that nice soreness from the lunges and likewise my abs feel stretched from the planks. I had never done planks before and I was able to hold the most difficult plank (at least to me) for 75 seconds. When I did the push-up position plank, I found it easier and held it for 2 minutes. Granted, my body was trembling like crazy. (Here’s a video of what planks look like. They look dead simple, but they’re not. They really burn your abs and lower back and shoulders.)

So now I’m debating hiring this trainer for some sessions. Like I said, I would love to, but it’s so expensive. Sigh. Anyone have $900 to spare?

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