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West Side Highway Run #1

Yesterday I went for my first outdoor run in what I believe is 2 years. Yes, it’s been that long since I last ran outside. (I’ve been doing all my runs indoors.) I ran from Tribeca to 14th street and back. In all, 5.4 miles in roughly 54 minutes. Not my best time, but I was strong and ran non-stop. It’s also worth noting that yesterday it was 98 degrees here in NYC and I ran at peak hour, around 2pm.

I love running under the oppressive heat. Doctors say you shouldn’t, and I typically agree with them, but I just love running in the heat because you sweat like crazy and it’s great endurance training. The trick is, hydrate yourself. If you normally drink one bottle of water before your runs, drink 3. Pay attention to your body, if you feel dizzy, stop. If you feel weak, take a water break. Also, always make sure you have ID with you and (if you can) $1 or $2 so you can make an emergency stop at a store for water if need be. The point is, run smart. Which I did. I didn’t let my heart rate go past 174 and when possible I ran in the shade, although that was a little hard since I was running along the West Side Highway.

I gotta say the water view was great and it felt even better upon finishing. I thought I’d be able to run a little higher up (I was thinking 72nd street), but 14th was good for me considering it had been awhile. Only thing I don’t like about this new trail is that it’s relatively flat. I like the hilly trail of Central Park. At any rate, it was a great run and I hope to do it again soon.

One last thing, I used an app by the name of Cardio Trainer to track my distance, pace, and calories burned all on my Android phone. I love it! I’ve used the app before and I’m considering buying the full version. Cannot recommend it enough.

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