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Workout progress

I’ve been upping my training these past few weeks and so far I’ve been very pleased with the results. Saturday morning I hit the treadmill while watching the World Cup game and I felt unstoppable. I only did 25 minutes, but I ran at 6 speed and a minimum of 4 incline. I did a lot of 5.5 and 6 incline and I discovered a little mini mind trick that helped me get through it. With the incline at 6, I imagined myself bouncing off the treadmill and floating in air. (Every time my right or left foot hit the treadmill, I would count the (milli) seconds it’d take before my foot hit the treadmill again. Each second off the treadmill, meant I was running on air.) As a result, I tricked myself into thinking the treadmill was not at 6 incline. Did it work? Yup!! I eventually did tire out, but I got through 3 minutes of 6 incline that way.

Sunday I hit the gym and had a great back, triceps, and abs workout. I pulled 270 lbs on the iso-lat pulldown machine. The most weight I’ve ever moved. Unfortunately, my pulls ups have been kinda meh. I need to hit them a little more often this week. I’ve been topping out at 3 to 4 reps the two times I did them last week. (I was on the verge of hitting 6 reps two weeks ago.)

Overall, I’m happy with my workouts this past week. Like I said, the World Cup gives me an extra boost of energy. Here’s hoping for another strong week.

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