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Overheard at the gym

I was at the gym today when I overheard two guys talking about their diets. One guy mentioned he had dropped 20 lbs and was feeling better upon giving up processed foods. Things like frozen dinners, Splenda, fruit juices, etc. I could not agree more with what was being said. To be honest, sometimes I wonder whether it’s healthier to just eat regular sugar as opposed to some artificial crap like Sweet ‘n Low or Splenda.

Personally, I recommend cutting all of that stuff out. Go back to basics. Want something sweet — eat fruit. Feeling thirsty — have some watermelon or cantaloupe. Need a mid-day snack — help yourself to some honey, walnuts, or peanuts. There are a millions good things out there that are also good for you. The trick is, making sure you have them near you when you’re hungry. So stock up your pantry with good foods instead of Doritos. It’ll make if that much easier to eat healthy, and that much harder to cheat.

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