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Sunday back workout

Usually Thursday and Sunday are my rest days. Thursdays I’ll just spend some time in the steam room and Sundays I’ll skip the gym all together. But this morning I got up early and hit the gym for a back, triceps, and abs workout. It was great! I walked out of the gym feeling like a million bucks. The reason I worked out today is two-fold. 1)I had breakfast with my girlfriend in the city and 2)I might not get the chance to workout Tuesday night (have a friend in from out of town), so I wanted to make sure I still hit my 5/workout mark for the week. Yes, I’m that obsessive. If I so much as miss a day, my body feels lethargic.

It got me thinking, maybe Sunday workouts are a good thing. Gives me an early jump on the week. We’ll see how I feel about this idea next Sunday. On a different note, I was hitting the iso lat pull down machine pretty hard today. (I wanna get my pull-ups back on track.) I had three 45-lb. rings on each side. I also saw this version of the iso lat pull down on YouTube today. I think I wanna try it next time at my home gym. Looks like a great way to really isolate those lats.

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