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I had another intense back workout today. I went heavy with the weights and I decided to play around with how I grip certain machines. In particular, I changed my grip while I was using the front iso lat pull-down machine. Rather than grip the handle bar, I gripped the bar itself (see diagram).

By doing so, I felt like I worked out a different area of my back — one that I normally don’t target. I had seen one of the trainers at my gym do this move, so I put it into practice today. I started off with light weight (always do new moves with light weights so you can learn the movement and avoid injury) and then I quickly did my normal grip and switched to a heavier weight. My back felt like it had expanded 4″ when I was done. It felt nice. We’ll see how I feel in the morning.

So a quick tip: play around with grips. Ex: Short grip on a bench press will workout your inner chest and triceps. A wide grip will hit the outer chest.

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