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Inside a runner’s mind

I caught a bit of this documentary the other day. I highly recommend it and you can watch most of it online. It’s about a group of runners and how they each train for a marathon. (The runner’s all have different backgrounds. Some experienced, some first-timers.) I got this quote from the documentary’s website and I couldn’t agree with it more:

“I realize that running 26.2 miles is not limited by physical capabilities but rather by the mind.”

When running a marathon (or any race really) there comes a point where your body can no longer give. You hit your “wall.” It’s at that moment that your mind kicks into ultra-high gear and takes you through the remaining miles. It’s as if you transcend your body. You cease feeling any physical pain and you just glide. I believe everyone is capable of reaching this state, but for some people it might be harder. At any rate, it’s an awesome show and like I said, I highly recommend it. (If you’re lucky enough to be training for a marathon, it’s very inspirational.)

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