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26.2 Miles Can’t Stop Me

Well, folks, it’s official. Today I applied for the 2010 NYC Marathon lottery. Entrants will be randomly selected on April 7th. I’m both nervous and excited. Excited because the Marathon is one of the biggest rushes I have ever experienced and nervous because, well, it’s 26.2 miles! That said, I want to share a quick story about the Marathon.

Obviously, I have many awesome memories of the Marathon, but the one that stands out the most involves a billboard I saw just before entering the 59th street bridge (which is the half-mark point of the marathon). My legs were starting to burn, I was moderately tired, and I knew the bridge was at an incline and would be tough. But just above the entrance, Nike (it was either Nike or Reebok) had a massive billboard all in black with giant red letters. It read: “26.2 Miles Can’t Stop Me.” I can’t begin to explain how I felt after reading the billboard. It was a rush of adrenaline, a rush of confidence. It was at that moment that the marathon went from a physical race to a mental race for me. I get goosebumps just recalling that moment.

So that will be my mantra for 2010. 26.2 miles can’t stop me.

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