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Pull-Up Goals

Back in high school I could not do a single push-up.  Now I can do between 40-50 standard push-ups consecutively.  Back in October I could not do a single pull-up.  Today I can do…..5.  While that’s not quite as high as I’d like, I am glad that I can do at least 5 consecutive pull-ups.

In fact, my goal for this year is to work my way up  to 12 consecutive pull-ups.  Each pull-up I do I start from a hanging position.  In other words, I don’t jump up and use momentum to do my pull-ups.  I do them from a dead hang.  It’s harder, but this way develops your back muscles more and gives you a nice, long stretch.

On a good day I can actually do 6.  On a bad day I’ll do 4.  5 seems to be my average.  I’m hoping by June I can do 8.  We’ll see.

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