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Benefits of juicing

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About a year ago I saw a late-night infomercial for the Jack La Lanne juicer. I don’t consider myself the gullible type, but after the commercial I was convinced I needed a juicer.  A few weeks later my dad bought me the Breville Juice Fountain Plus JE95XL. I love it and I recommend it to anyone who’s serious about their health.   When I first got the machine, I juiced about 3x week. By the end of the first month I was doing 4x. Then 5x. Today I juice every day. Once in awhile I might skip a day, but I try to juice as much as I can. And I have to say, I totally feel the difference. Especially in my workouts. I’ve noticed that if I juice an hour or so before a workout, I’m practically tireless. Especially when doing cardio.

Aside from the energy jolt, I love knowing that I’m getting an entire day’s worth of veggies in one glass.  As for the juices themselves, they taste great.  Some of them are an acquired taste (celery is a tad bitter if you ask me), but for the most part, throw in an apple and you’re good.  (Apples overpower pretty much everything.  Esp Fuji apples.)  I make all sorts of juices. One of my favorites is: Fuji apple, carrots, broccoli, and cucumber. Sometimes I mix it up and I might do beets or asparagus or celery. Each veggie is important and helps your body in various ways. To be honest, I haven’t gotten sick or caught the flu in over a year, if not longer. I do believe it’s because of my regular workouts and constant juicing.

The machine itself is also great.  I’ll admit, cleaning is a hassle, but you get used to it. In all I’d say it takes me 20 minutes from start to finish to juice and clean. Hardware-wise, I’ve had the Breville for a year with heavy use and the motor is as good as new. Unfortunately, the mesh/filter part is starting to deteriorate. Replacements (which it seems you can only buy via Breville’s website) are somewhat pricey.  My mesh filter, for instance, will set me back about $54. (Luckily you can search for coupon codes to bring that price down.)  But like I said, it lasts one year under intense use. So I guess it’s not that bad. And the rest of the machine is in perfect condition.

I’ve also noticed the machine does an excellent job at extracting juice. (I can tell because the pulp is usually dry or just a little moist.) It has two settings, a high setting and low setting. I use the high setting for everything. (I’ve noticed the low setting is just too slow sometimes.)  The motor is a little loud, but not loud enough to wake the neighbors.  The chute is big enough to fit 1/2 an apple. (They say you can fit a whole apple, but I’ve never tried it.) Sometimes if I’m juicing broccoli the florets shoot up from the chute (because of the suction/wind created by the machine), but if you drop the broccoli in carefully, you can avoid that.

Overall, I recommend this machine with no reservations.  Even more so, I recommend juicing. The benefits are incredible and the more you read up on it, the more you’ll want to juice.

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