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Use sparingly

One of the biggest mistakes I made when losing weight was weighing myself 3x a week.  It accomplished absolutely nothing and only made me neurotic about my weight.  The slightest increase and suddenly I would make myself fast for a day.  Scales are good, but they should be used sparingly.  Like twice a month kind of sparingly.  Why?  Well, in my opinion there’s no point in weighing yourself multiple times a week.  So what if your weight fluctuates by a few pounds.  As long as your goals are in order, you have nothing to worry about.

Nowadays I weigh myself maybe once a month.  I’m 6’2″ 252 lbs.  If I overeat, my clothes immediately tell me I’ve gained a few pounds.  If I lose weight, again my clothes will inform me.  I think that’s a better barometer of your weight than a scale.  Pay too much attention to a scale, and you’ll be playing a numbers game instead of focusing on a good weight for you.

Likewise, I think the idea of BMI is stupid.  Everyone is different and everyone’s body is different.  Why follow one standard?  It’s ridiculous.  Again, rather than obsess over pounds, I prefer to focus on body fat. That’s a better indication of your overall fattage.  By lowering your body fat, you’re naturally losing the weight you should lose.  Not the weight you *think* you should lose.

That said, the last time I measured my body fat I came in at 20%.  I was a little shocked it was so high.  I’d like to get it down to 15%.  And then lower it further to maybe 10%.  (I was 8% at the height of my vegan diet.)  To me, those numbers are more important than say, “I need to lose 10 lbs.”

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